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New Dawn Realty Case Study

New Dawn Percentage Realty Inc. is a full service real estate brokerage located in Mount Pearl, NL, Canada. As a smaller boutique brokerage, they offer custom services, but don't have the same market coverage as some of the larger brokerages in their area.

After designing a new web portal for the brokerage, we helped them to set up ad campaigns for Facebook and Instagram to drive brand awareness for the brokerage and to generate leads for the agents. With a small $500 per month budget we were able to drive thousands of new users to the website each month and generate high quality leads for the agents at an average cost of $10-25.

The ads have allowed them to increase their local market penetration and close a record number of transactions in the first year!

We also helped them to develop a cohesive brand strategy and designed print and promotional materials such as business cards, mail-outs, and giveaway items.

"After helping us to re-design our print materials and building us a new web portal, Xpress helped us to create and manage Facebook ad campaigns that got us great results. I was amazed at how much interest we were able to generate on such a small budget. Ryan was great to deal with as well. Very friendly and professional."


Web Portal

The first thing the brokerage needed was a new web portal to display company information, agent contacts, and current and sold listings. We helped them to design a portal that was very easy for the customer to use and included everything that they needed to showcase.


Brand Awareness

As a new, small brokerage, New Dawn was struggling to make their mark among the bigger companies. They had great offerings, they just needed to help them get the word out. We helped them to develop ad campaigns to drive awareness and traffic to the company website.


Lead Generation

One of the hardest parts of the business for real estate agents is generating quality leads. We tested different methods of generating online leads for New Dawn agents and were able to obtain quality leads and an average cost of $10-25 each. These leads helped the brokerage to close a record number of deals!

By The Numbers

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