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Doing business on the internet means that you need to utilize Google to its full potential. With around 90% of the global market share for search engines belonging to Google, it is very important that you optimize your listings so that customers will easily be able to find you and purchase your products or services. 

We can help you to set up and/or optimize your Google Business account and ensure that your website is connected and optimized for search. We can also help you to set up and maintain your Google Ads and Google Shopping accounts.

What We Do

 Google Business

  • Set-Up and/or Optimize Google Business Profile

  • Search Engine / Google Search Console Optimization

  • Google Analytics Set-Up

 Google Ads & Shopping

  • Google Ads & Shopping Set-up and Management

  • Keyword Optimization

  • YouTube Ads

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Did You Know...
-Google receives 5 billion searches daily?
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