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Autmow Case Study

One of our longest running ad clients, Autmow is a robotic lawn mower and line painting dealer headquartered in Ohio, USA. They decided to try ads on a variety of platforms to boost their brand awareness and drive more demo sign ups and installations. With both consumer & commercial products, they needed a strong strategy to reach both B2C and B2B customers.

Using Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter & NextDoor, we were able to drive great traffic to the site using very detailed interests based on professions that are likely to need the product, such as landscapers and sports field supervisors, and consumer interests such as lawn care.

With several years working together we have grown their brand locally and nationally and have helped to drive consistent demo and installation registrations!

"Trying to break into a traditional market with a new and innovative product has required us to partner with an agency with the skills to deliver consistent results across multiple ad platforms. We have had great success so far and we hope to continue our relationship long-term."

Image by David Pisnoy

Detailed Targeting

This company sells a product with a very specialized customer base. In order to have success we needed to identify which demographics to target and then build audiences on multiple programs to reach their ideal customers. To acheive success we used a variety of B2C & B2B targets as well as employer and employee demographics.

Ceora Ad Designs (1).png

Creatives That Pop

Robotic mowers are not well known, but they do have a certain "cool factor." We wanted to highlight that coolness in addition to the practicality of the product. We were able to create a variety of static and video creatives that were able to drive quality traffic and engagement, and ultimately, sales!


Funnel Optimization

In order to set Autmow up for maximum success with their ad campaigns, we helped them to streamline their entire ad funnel, including landing pages. While running ads on multiple platforms, we wanted to ensure that the customer journey was optimized at evert point through the funnel to ensure they were converting.

By The Numbers

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