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WaterLily Turbine Case Study

The WaterLily Turbine is the brainchild of Seaformatics Systems Inc., based out of St. John's, NL, Canada. Their main product, the WaterLily, is a portable power generator that allows users to harvest electricity from water, wind, and hand-crank to power their devices. 

When we started working with Seaformatics, they were still in the process of figuring out who their ideal customer was, and how to reach them. Through extensive testing, we were able identify what types of customers were purchasing their products and then we were able to create a new overall e-commerce strategy for them and tailor their campaign targeting and creatives to engage with the right customers.

The results were a 138% increase in overall revenue in year one, and a continued 20% growth throughout the pandemic. We used a combination of Facebook & Instagram ads to drive traffic, sales, and leads, and TikTok ads to drive awareness and generate leads.

"After trying a few different agencies, we were lucky to meet Ryan and work with his company, Xpress Digital Marketing. After one month it was like a switch had been turned on for our sales and it continued improving month after month. We couldn't be happier with the service or the results!"

Social Media

Targeted Audiences

For this account we used very detailed audience targeting to reach people who were more likely to purchase the product. We used a variety of testing techniques to identify best performing audience interests, copy, and creative styles and were able to drive an average of 5X+ ROI on a monthly ad budget of $25,000+

Ad Creatives

Engaging Creatives

We developed and tested a wide variety of different static image and video ad creatives and copy to determine which creative styles were able to drive more overall sales and engagement from our ad campaigns. We found that different types of creatives performed better on different platforms and we adjusted our strategies accordingly.


Advanced Analytics & Testing

We helped Seaformatics to run extensive ad and website conversion testing on their Shopify store to ensure that we were optimizing the overall customer experience from their first encounter with our ads to the end of the checkout process. Through advanced testing and incremental improvements, we were able to greatly increase CVR.

By The Numbers

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