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Supercharge Your Marketing With Social Ads!

Hey Newfoundland & Labrador business owners! Are you looking for a great, inexpensive way to grow your business?


Consider trying social ads! Ads for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, & other platforms allow you to directly target your ideal customers where they are and ensure that your marketing dollars are reaching customers more likely to interact with your business. With costs as low as $5 per 1000 views, it's hard to find a better bang for your marketing buck!


Best of all, to end 2023 we are giving you the opportunity to try your first month of social ads for just $99 per platform!

This offer includes account setup, 3 ad creatives, ad copy, account management, & a full report at the end of the month. All you need to pay is $99 plus your advertising budget (minimum $150 per month recommended).

Platforms We Manage...


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  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • What does the $99 offer include?
    This offer covers the first month of management costs for the social ad platform(s) of your choice. $99+hst per platform. Includes: -First Month of Management Fees -Ad Account Setup Assistance -Audience Targeting -3 Ad Creatives & Ad Copy -Full End of Month Report
  • What Platform is Best For Advertising?
    Choosing which platform(s) to advertise will depend on your business and customer niche. Successful ads are able to find your customers where they are. After a short consultation, we'll help you to decide which platform is best for you!
  • How Much Budget Will I Need For Ads?
    We work with ad budgets of all sizes with no maximums, however, we recommend a minimum of $150 per month for best results. Ultimately, you'll want your budget to be scalable so that you can increase it proportionally to the amount of ROI your ads provide.
  • What Will Ads Cost After The First Month Is Over?
    Great question! Once we are able to prove that social ads work for your business, we will offer you a custom quote based on the number of campaigns needed and the amount of ad spend. Our monthly management packages start at just $299+hst
  • What Will We Need From You?
    You will need to create a business account on the platform(s) you wish to advertise on and add a payment method for billing. Once your account is setup, you will need to add us as a partner. We will provide step by step instructions, and if needed, we will talk you through the setup in person or via phone or video call. In order to properly optimize your ads for success we will need you to provide us with several high quality photos and/or video clips that we can use for ad creatives. We will also require a short description of your business and what goals you would like to achieve with your ads (i.e., website traffic, leads, sales, etc.). We can help you if you need new photos/video taken.
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