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At the Dentist

Bitehaus Case Study

Bitehaus is a full service dental office located in Toronto, ON, Canada. When they opened their new office, they wanted a way to get the word out and turned to us for help designing an ad strategy that would fill up their client roster.

Starting from scratch, we targeted our audience to the local neighborhood and tested a variety of traffic and lead generation ads as well as several different types of creatives to ensure we were optimizing the ads for success.

The ads consistently delivered cost per clicks under $0.50 and click through rates above 3%. Within six months we had completely optimized the ads and were able to completely fill out their client roster and allow them to pause their ad spend until they need to attract new clients again!

"We weren't sure what to expect, but the results from our ad campaigns have achieved all of our objectives and have allowed us to fill our client roster in just a few months!"


Local Targeting

When Bitehaus opened their new office location we needed a targeting strategy that was able to target potential clients in the surrounding neighborhood. We tested various geolocation techniques as well as testing detailed interests against a broad community audience to deliver high quality traffic.


The Right Creative

Starting out, we had a wide variety of content to test and ultimately found that reel/tiktok style ads performed best. We then assisted the creative team with data for new creatives which helped to improve all Key Performance Indicators and drive an increase in client registrations.


Lead Generation

Turning interested scrollers into registered clients meant working with Bitehaus to create a great converting landing page to drive ad traffic to. Converting leads via the landing page turned out to be cheaper than on-Facebook leads and better quality.

By The Numbers

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