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Mantle Board Shoppe Case Study

Mantle Board Shoppe is a backcountry snowsports shop based in Woody Point, NL, Canada. They offer backcountry ski, snowboard, and splitboard tours and logistics services to their customers and they also have an e-commerce store where they sell industry specific gear and a local  backcountry guidebook they created.

The Shoppe approached us for help with promoting their brand, developing new merchandise and promotional materials, and with driving targeted traffic to their e-commerce store or to their website for specific events.

We helped them to create a variety of ad campaigns to target customers directly in their target audience, using great content that they had already created. We were able to greatly increase traffic and engagement and increase overall sales for their tours and e-commerce store with a very limited budget for ad spend.


"We contracted Xpress to help develop some promo materials and merch and to run some seasonal ad campaigns to sell some of our backcountry equipment. We were pleasantly surprised with the ROI we saw from our campaigns and we'll definitely be using them again for some expanded campaigns next season!"


A Very Niche Audience

Backcountry winter enthusiasts are the tarhet market for the board shoppe. We targeted our ads directly to audiences that fit this niche and made sure that our creative and copy would catch their attention. We also targeted locations where this audience is concentrated, and ran specialized campaigns during industry events to capitalize on higher density.


Showcasing The Wow Factor

Mantle Board Shoppe is located in a unique locale that offers snow covered mountain landscapes with ocean views. We wanted to capture that wow factor in their marketing and showcase the local area. This was a big selling point for booking tours and allowed us to create great content for product ads.



With their own line of clothing and merchandise, they also tasked us with developing some new merch and promotional materials to add to their product list. We helped them to design several new lines and ran social ad campaigns on Meta that helped them to boost their overall sales.

By The Numbers

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