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Nutriology Case Study

Nutriology is a fitness and nutrition app based in Washington, USA. They have a team of experts that help people acheive their health goals through better fitness and nutrition.

They contracted us to develop an ad strategy for lead generation on Meta to aquire new subscribers for their app and their newsletter.

Through intensive audience and creative testing we were able to develop an ad funnel that utilized traffic, lookalike, and remarketing audiences to acheive a consistent cost per lead under our $2 goal.

"We were pleased wth the testing Ryan has done to help us identify a high converting audience for our ads and get to our target CPL for our lead generation campaigns." - Nutriology


Audience & Creative Testing

For Nutriology, we started out with a very broad audience and continued to narrow it based on the data we received. Over a 6 month period we were able to build a detailed audience that was optimized for maximum conversions.


Lead Generation

We started out with a target goal of $2 CPL and after our first round of tests we were generating leads at $4-5 each. Through extensive audience and creative testing we were able to bring that cost down to our target goal in just a few months of optimization.


Tracking & Analytics

For this account, detailed analytics and reporting were very important. We developed a custom reporting system to keep them up to date on the ad performance and any optimizations that we had made.

By The Numbers

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