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Nummy Creations Case Study

Nummy Creations is an e-commerce company located in Ontario, Canada. Their line of products are a healthy coffee alternative that comes in a variety of flavors.

As a new company, Nummy turned to us to help them to create some brand awareness and help them to drive more online sales through their ad campaigns.

Within a month the ads were delivering cost per clicks around $0.10 and click through rates above 10%, which is phenomenal for a new ad account without any prior testing. We were able to drive a significant amount of quality traffic and increase sales. Moving forward we will use a combination of purchase conversion and remarketing ads to drive overall sales.


"We are amazed at the results that we have been seeing within a month of running ads!"

Nummy ad concepts 4.png

Finding Your Niche

Coffee alternatives are a fairly new product in the marketplace and require us to do some testing to find out what their ideal customer looks like. Through ads we are able to tell what demographics are most interested in the product and then we can use that data to make adjustments and increase conversions!


Showcasing The Product

With a great product, we wanted to make sure that Nummy's creatives and copy were perfectly crafted to optimize engagement on the ads and drive quality traffic and sales. We created a variety of static, carousel, and video ads to showcase the product.


Streamlining The Process

Whenever we work with e-commerce clients, we help them to enhance their website/landing pages to ensure that the customers have a positive and easy to navigate experience from the time they first interact with the ads to the final checkout page.

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